Social Media

Social media continues to grow across Australia, the latest numbers from October 2015 show a growing population across all the popular channels.

Social Media

  • Facebook – 14,000,000 users
  • YouTube – 13,900,000 users
  • Instagram – 5,000,000 users
  • Twitter – 2,800,000 users
  • ¬†Pinterest – 320,000 users

As a business you need to carefully consider your social media strategy and the channels you promote and advertise on. How do we communicate effectively to our consumers through these channels? Is our business a right fit for these channels or should we not employ a social media channel at all? Just because a lot of people play in these areas, doesn’t automatically mean your business should. Some businesses work better than others in talking to their audience through social media.

Advertising on social media presents other opportunities. With over 13 million Australian users on Facebook and YouTube, that’s an advertising audience you need to consider speaking to. Contact Us today to discuss your next social media campaigns.

Statistics kindly supplied by Social Media News.