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Pioneer Water Tanks is a core product line in the BlueScope Water Tanks range and 2013 marked their 25th year as a brand, definitely worth celebrating and a key opportunity to formulate a promotion.

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Pioneer tanks are aimed at small, medium and large land holders, medium to light agricultural industries, tree changers, ‘out of towners’ and weekend retreats that don’t have access to town water.

We had to work closely with the senior executive team to determine key markets, audience segments, promotional mechanics, deliverables, systems, monitor and reporting. With national distribution and varying market shares in each state,  the task of promoting this campaign was not without its challenges.

The brief was for 4 months but the campaign needed the legs for a year long run. Pioneer Tanks penetration and distribution networks varied by state, broad demography (all people’ 25+) with multiple audience segments and internal communications were integral to the project. We also needed to retrofit a campaign mini site into the corporate site with heavy focus on call to action, registration and request for quote pages plus rewards pages.

It became clear that a mix of traditional and new media were necessary to cover all audience segments with strategic weighting to maximise reach and frequency. Our primary markets were regional QLD, NSW, WA and Central Australia. Metro and other regional markets were secondary.

Our idea was “25 deals for 25 years” concept, a ‘reward for purchase’ promotional campaign. We resisted a ‘one reward’ suits all approach, in favor on 25 different rewards to suit varying audience segments and lifestyles. Pick your preferred reward, tailor your incentive.

Communications Strategy

Develop a “25 Deals for 25 Years” logo to be used and applied across every thing that worked in conjunction with the existing Pioneer brand.

Pioneer Water Tanks 25 Deals Logo

Internal – Direct mail – all staff and Distributors received pre-promotion mechanics / details and an overview via eNewsletter. Follow up eNewsletter’s at launch and updates throughout the campaign.

Distributor Kits – Logo, flyers, display banners, posters for use as Point of Sale (POS) and displays.

External Consumer – All communications drove customers to the web site for details and request for quote. The mini-site was the main platform to drive sales and inquiry. Launch phase was 4 months so media was weighted heavy at first then flighted. On going maintenance ran in bursts over the following months.

Launch – TV regional markets, mini site, on line banners on leading rural masthead websites, press ads in rural masthead newspapers, Youtube and Facebook advertising.

25 Deals TVC

We’ll let the client let you know the result.

“Our 25 Year Anniversary marketing campaign was the key driver behind a business resurgence that grew sales and market share in the target segment by just over 50% last financial year. In terms of return on investment the “25 Deals” promo has been the single most effective sales promotion in the 27 year history of the business”