Backyard Shacks

Ranbuild Sheds developed a new range of prefabricated steel buildings aimed at the growing ‘Granny Flat’ market segment. To broaden the scope of this category and to position the brand nicely within the granny flat sector, we collaboratively named the range Backyard Shacks.

Backyard Shacks

While Backyard Shacks had the potential to be a ‘stand alone’ brand, we felt there was considerable benefit to be gained from the equity in the existing Ranbuild brand from which we could capitalise.

To launch nationally through the current Ranbuild dealer network, a range of internal and external communications strategies were developed. Broad demographics with multiple user segments dictated a mix of traditional and new media executions for consumers while considerable effort was applied to early activity at a dealer level.

Key appeal of Backyard Shacks product was the inclusion of drafted electrical, plumbing, and elevation plans. The product imagery was commissioned as 3D renders to use across all materials.

Communications Strategy

We developed a specific logo and ‘personality’ for the brand, very much in line with the current Ranbuild personality. The dealer level pre-launch included an interactive presentation, flyers, posters, merchandise and product display boards for a national travelling roadshow of presentations.

Backyard Shacks Fact Sheets

We developed a website with individual product pages, DYI council regulation’s and Request a Quote (RFQ) links to the existing RFQ Ranbuild system.

Internal –  Direct mail – all Distributors received post road show follow up eNewsletters detailing launch details and media. eNewsletters were used through the launch activity to provide updates throughout the launch period. Distributor Kits – Logo, flyers, display banners, posters for use as point of sale and displays were all made available through the Ranbuild on line dealer portal

External Consumer – All communications drove customers to the website for details and request for quote. The website was the main platform to drive sales and inquiry. Launch phase included regional television, a purpose made TVC was produced using the existing Ranbuild man mascot, and ran for 2 months.

Backyard Shacks Website

On line advertising included Google Adwords, YouTube advertising and consumer eNewsletters to the existing Ranbuild client base. A ‘how to build’ video was produced to provide a step by step DIY education piece.

The initial results were very encouraging with 2,572 R4Q in the first two months with 11.5% conversion rate on form completion (22,307 views, 2,572 completed). Back Yard Shacks continues to gain market share and on line advertising is continuing.